ring, knight, snake. Silver 925 punched, copper. Imposing ring. animal totem. Open ring therefore adjustable to any finger size

ring, knight, snake. Silver 925 punched, copper. Imposing ring. animal totem. Open ring therefore adjustable to any finger size


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ring, knight, snake.
Silver 925 punched, copper.
Imposing ring.
animal totem.
Open ring therefore adjustable to any finger size

Ring dimensions 25mm long by 22mm wide by 5mm thick
Weight of 26 grams
Imposing size

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The positive energy of the snake
The Positive Energy of the Snake is that of Spiritual Creativity: to put his "Love" energy at the service of Universal Creation. In other words, to put the Spirit/Mind/Student at the service of the Soul/Heart/Master. The energy of Snake is very Spiritual, inviting us to the spiritual path on Earth: purification of our Spirit in order to attain the Mastery of our Spirit. The latter, not healed, not freed from our possessions, possesses us and makes of us what he wants. Thanks to the path, certainly demanding, subtle and difficult, guided by Serpent our Spirit washes itself of the many poisons on all our planes: physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual. We could also say that the healing of the Snake is done at the level of our neo-cortex, limbic, reptilian brain and ultimately our universal computer: our heart. From there to say that Snake comes to transcend Hatred in Love not long ago. The positive energy of the Serpent invites to the spiritual path in order to use his energy, all his energy, in the sense of Creation, in the sense of the universe. The latter wishes to see us procreate within it. Primordial energy at the service of primordial energy. It is necessary to reach a good spiritual level to walk smoothly with the energy of the Serpent. Integrity, sincerity, devotion, truth and spirituality must be virtues for the one who wishes or is elected to accommodate himself to the Serpent. Bites to the test, the initiate must make many moults until becoming "nothing". It is a bit as if he had to clean his poisons capable of death and as these, in their worst expressions, are the violence leading to death and rape: the death of the Sacred Being, in other words that it will take a lot of courage to the follower of this medicine!
Snake Medicine refers us to the caduceus of Hermes: two yin and yang snakes that rise to the crown chakra to suckle the pineal gland capable of secreting the hormone of Love relative to the "flood". This Caduceus that every doctor wears should not be external but internal. This is the rise of Kundalini. This is the first of the great spiritual trials. Symbolically two snakes wait patiently, curled up in the root chakra, the Awakening of the Initiate. It is the test of "Having Love" or "Being Love". That is to say that without ceasing he will have and will have to make the choice of Love and not of Hatred and in another form the choice of his heart and not the choice of money. The Kundalini Climb is the pas-sage from the verb To Have to the verb To Be. It harmonizes the initiate in the sense of Unity. However, his path does not stop at this climb, we could even say that then the true spiritual path begins. The initiate will then be taught, guided by the Universe, what we commonly call Spirits in Shamanic language. He will have to go to the Universal School where the language is Love. Many Masters and thus Higher Levels of Consciousness await him, to polish his own philosopher's stone. The Serpent invites us to many renunciations, changes, sacrifices and therefore many moults in order to regain the original energy and reach, the second great spiritual test: Enlightenment, to be a Sun on Earth. At this point you have become "Nothing" so you embody "Everything" and this is the whole paradox of the Way. If the first phase of the spiritual path consists in "belonging", regaining one's Sacred Identity, the second phase is that of "no longer belonging". That is to say that the Sage has become Mad. He has become "Nothing" and embodies the "All" total transcendence of the Ego. It is the Instrument at the service of the Universe.
By reading the Spirit of the Serpent, we quickly understand that it is a relatively high Spiritual Teaching and that it is neither given nor accessible to everyone. The Teaching and healings transmitted by the Serpent do not pass through the mind. Everything passes through the way and voice of the Heart. Transcendent energy.
If you want to summarize the Energy of the Snake remember the words "Spiritual Being".

The negative energy of the snake
The Negative Energy of the Snake is that of perversity. No doubt that if you are afraid of the Snake, you are unconsciously afraid of your own perversicity. Oh snake, my beautiful mirror... No, no it is not true you will say, like a denial preventing you from recognizing your state of Mind, that is to say from recognizing yourself. So you are constantly looking to "be recognized", adoring the greatest podiums or perhaps conversely you hide yourself for fear that we recognize in you this state of perversity ??? You can never be recognized until you make a spiritual and intellectual effort to "recognize" your own flaws. You are the only one who can recognize who you are!
Perverted, originally by the destructive sexual act, Negative Snake is obsessed with Power and Having. He has only one inordinate ambition: to have power over Everything and All. Perverting the Original Love Energy of the Father to make it a Weapon of domination and destruction, he grants himself full powers, taking himself for God, for the Universe. Here we are the alienated of the Serpent, the pervert in power, the one who perverts everything in his path, spitting out his venom, thus making "lose the green" (per-verse = lose self-esteem, self-love: green heart chakra: Venus-Eve) to all those he will submit. His deadly bite will make us lose our Self-Love thus replaced by our Hate! This Hatred that will become our own Hatred-mi / Enemy within. Genesis expresses this very well: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, paradise, with the serpent and the apple tree. This Genesis expresses that we hold in our hands our own paradise... This is provided that we use our primordial energy wisely, in one's soul and consciousness, in the Love of Self and of the other. But... Man is Man and the temptation to Have Love, to Have the Power of Love, the proper of perversion, is great. Thus Adam, Sacred Masculine, protector of Eve, Sacred Feminine, can accept to be at the protective and creative service of the Sacred Feminine. As a reminder, the Human Being, freed from his animal instincts, is Venusian and Feminine (Root Chakra/Saturn: mineral kingdom, sacral chakra/Jupiter: plant kingdom, solar plexus/March: animal kingdom, heart chakra/Venus: human kingdom). This is very understanding: the Feminine receptacle receives the heavenly inspiration, the creative inspiration: the plans of our great work, the par-way. The Masculine can then get to work: to structure and build our Kingdom. We find this in our two hemispheres:
· Right hemisphere: feminine and intuitive, yin receptacle= emotional quotient (EQ).
· Left hemisphere: masculine and pragmatic, yang self-giving = intelligence quotient (IQ)
Here we find the eternal archetypal stories of Princes and Princesses, Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, Beauty and the Beast, etc.
Adam can therefore accept to be a Pacific Warrior, protector of his Venus. This is the essence of our Master Chakra/Pink Heart. But Adam, under the influence of his sense of power, may very well use his instinct, not to serve, but to "SERVE"HIMSELF: to rape and rape Eve. Just as Eve can tempt Adam to err in dual acts knowing then that she perverts the Masculine forever. This is his way of having power over man. This works both ways. We often see the Male Rapist, but we rarely see the Religious Mint castrating men. Humility compels us to realize that we all carry in our personal, family and karmic memories dark stories of both men and women, executioners and victims. What is more, we carry in each of us the Yin and the Yang, the Feminine and the Masculine. The Original Sin so decried by religion has a deep meaning. It is not the sin of making love, which is the most creative act of which we have made a subtle art: Tantrism. Everything being Yin and Yang, if the act of love is the most creative: to give life, it is necessarily the most destructive opposite when it is perverted: violence, rape, incest, genocide and black magic.
Thus the Primal Energy of the Serpent leaves us the free will to use its imposing energy, a state of Holy Spirit, otherwise perversion awaits us and will alienate us. We will then have to find in the Tree of Life that is the Apple tree, the antidote to the deadly Venom of the Snake. The apple tree carrying the energy of purification from the "dirt" (Cf. Wild Apple Tree/Apple Crabb in Bach Flower). Venom Deadly because violence and rape are a theft of the "i", theft of the Sacred Identity. (Do you know and understand why today, the much soiled apple receives about 50 chemical treatments before it reaches your mouth?!) To pervert a Sacred Being or an entire people it is enough to steal it and especially to v-i-oler it. The destructive power is such that we will be cut off from the Father and we will then belong to the other, to others and ultimately to the verb TO HAVE rather than to the verb TO BE. Cut off from the Source of Love, we seek to HAVE Love without coming to BE Love: enlightenment. (Do you know that in the Hindu language, this very spiritual country, the verb To Have does not exist!) From this all perversions can arise: hyper-consumption; manipulation of masses; perpetual and never satisfied quest for the love of the other; emotional dependencies; addictions; dominations and submissions; etc. Whether the victim or the executioner, both have cut themselves off from the Father, from the Source by "violating" universal laws. Their crown chakra, above the head is cut off. The antenna that connects us to the creator is cut off. We are lost (per-du, the Father we are owed), we no longer know who we are or what we have to do and become perfect bio-robots in the pay of the most Machiavellian. Farewell to the verb To Be, farewell to Self-Love, farewell to my Dreams (Dream: alliance of Re and Eve) and hello Ego: sum of all my flaws. And as everyone prefers the little miracle pill, to deliver us from all our flaws, instead of making the effort of the spiritual path we are not ready to find our purple antenna of the crown chakra, our connection to the source. Purple/raped crown chakra... does it speak to you? And here we are, civilized with well-thinking heads, totally cut off from our hearts, incapable of feelings but eager to have and to be able constantly looking for an external enemy: the Wild Being! Here we are with people who are constantly "against" someone or something and never "for", preferring to destroy than to create. Interesting patterns of the human psyche.
So you will understand Negative Snake. Far from being spiritual he is very "down to earth", "Cartesian" as he likes to say. He does not want to hear the Truth, nor the truth about it. He denies anything that could lead him to move towards more altruism, compassion, being and. On the other hand, he is intoxicated by selfishness, domination, having it. If the characteristic of the Snake is to make the moult to constantly become "Nothing", the instrument at the service of his Soul, Negative Snake aspires him to possess "All and All".
If you know "Harry Potter" you will see Voledmort there... Negative snake with forked tongue in Y. Maybe here we will see unity turn into duality and maybe we will look in a very special way at this letter in our first name... Negative Snake is always looking for prey to destroy, to consume. He uses the word as a venom, he likes to criticize, manipulate, is authoritarian not to say dictator, gives to receive, follower of corruption, his love is possessive. Rigid, repressed, repressed, revolted, nervous, inflexible, intransigent, intolerant, cynical, arrogant, severe, sexually obsessed are all qualifiers for Negative Snake. In short, he is a pervert! But let us not forget to see the dark lord filled with hatred, cleverly made up of masks of illusions, in ourselves... This is the whole Medicine of the Snake.

The Snake Test
The Snake's Test is that of the bite. If Serpent comes to you, it is because it is so much for you to walk spiritually to meet your Sacred Being. Its bite will cause you to die of your own venoms, the most difficult of which will be your unresolved sexual perversions in your personal, family and karmic history. The venom of the Snake is strong, the bite will hurt and you will need a beautiful spiritual awareness to overcome your flaws and ailments. You will have to molt again and again, that is, change, renounce and even accept sacrifices to heal yourself. With each molt, you free yourself from the deadly venom, you will then aspire to the grace of the Serpent: that of being eaten by him. By absorbing you, it will digest you with these powerful acids and it can then moult. You will be dead to your poisons: Renaissance.

Snake Medicine
Snake Medicine is quite rare. The initiation of this medicine requires overcoming and surviving the many bites. Each bite then transmutes our own poisons to the reptilian brain. This will be possible through the Heart and trance. Snake Medicine, although powerfully positive, is extremely challenging. "To the fool" those who quest the rise of Kundalini without having the prorogatives. Furious madmen who seek power and not devotion. Kundalini comes naturally through our actions, our behaviors, our sincere personal and spiritual journey. This powerful Medicine will first lead you to reconnect with "who you are": a Sacred Being. It is the Sacred Being will then be capable of age-agie. A magician able to reconnect to the Source those who have been cut off by violence and rape. The follower of Snake Medicine therefore has the power of the "Baptism", which is not nothing !!!

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